Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Unrelated to the above picture:
An elderly lady across that lives in an adjacent apartment is currently displaying an American flag in the window with white lights around it. In the middle of the flag is her sign for Obama '08. The opposite window holds the same. It's kind of cute to think about her putting the flag up and placing it just right. In and throughout the Breckenridge area, there are numerous stop signs that have the word "Bush" spray-painted in white letters beneath "STOP." I am urged to yell "Stop, Bush!" instead of "Stop Bush!" when I apply the brakes. I would like to tell you that I only do this when Meredith is in the car with me. But I do it all the time.
Unrelated to the above paragraph:
"No, you're settling Catan," Austin says.
Unrelated to the above quote:
Listen to Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel, a new album by Atlas Sound, in its entirety here. You can also check out Black Mountain or Bon Iver. Or you could see Black Mountain and Bon Iver in Little Rock on March 11. But don't expect to see or hear Atlas Sound there. Unless they are randomly in the crowd. But they probably won't be, since they're from Atlanta. And they're probably out supporting their own album.
Unrelated to the above bit:
Second Annual Little Rock Film Festival. Bill loves the art culture that Little Rock provides. And he would love to live in a white house again.
Unrelated to the film festival:
CPA Exam Part IV, "Regulation," starring Adam Argo and the 10 keys, starting Friday morning at 8:00 am. Admission: $250.00. Feel like cancelling or rescheduling? Too bad, you have to eat the money. Don't even think about it. Oh, and by the way, go ahead and work 60 hours this week, and every week for the next 2 months for that matter, and pass the exam too. All of that at once. Yeah. Doitch! Out! Ping! Zoing! Crack! Batman punching noises!

Monday, February 11, 2008

adam: so...hannah montana. i don't get it.
me: yeah, i don't either.
adam: does that mean we are old? because we don't get it?
me: ...

and then we were referred to as "young whippersnappers" this week.

i really like our pastor's daughter. she tells us about the maple juice from the maple tree, wants to make me earrings, and plays with the candle wax.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

You gotta love this crazy guy with the basketball mask. With the eys cut out. He's always in the student section. Crazy.


"Patrick Beverly, ... probably the best motor in college basketball," the sports color analyst for Sport South said. What an animal. He is the leading rebounder for the Hogs. By "motor," it is meant that he runs like a motor. Never stopping. Just thought I needed to spell that out for you.

Also, I love this picture. Pelphrey is making his plea to the ref. Right after this, he gets down on his knees. Beautiful. Passionate.

I figured out how to take screen shots of the television. What a waste of time!

Hogs are now 12-1 at Walton. 6-2 in SEC play. Gunning for at least an SEC-West division title. Great 3 game homestand by Arkansas.

Tough week coming up. At Knoxville on Wednesday. At Starkville on Saturday.