Sunday, October 29, 2006

This past Thursday, Adam accepted a job in Little Rock with a public accounting firm, so we will be moving in late May/early June! We actually drove down to Little Rock yesterday for a Razorback game, and drove around some. It is so big to me! It will definitely be so different from Fayetteville, but we are excited about this new adventure! Now, I guess the next thing will be for me to find a job there, which is overwhelming to think about already.
The leaves have started to change into their beautiful fall colors- if only the weather would STAY cool. It was so warm today. I can't wait for the cold, I am ready!
One of my clinicals is in a nursing home here in Fayetteville, and I am having a hard time enjoying it. Every week, I discover things that are not quite how they should be, or nurses who don't do what they are supposed to. It frustrates and angers me, because I just don't understand how this is going on, and no one seems to care because it is a 'long-term facility'. What does that mean??! Anyway, sometimes I wonder if I should work in a nursing home so that I could take care of the residents and push people to raise their standards in their caregiving. It breaks my heart, and I'm sure I could go on and on about this. I love caring for these residents and helping them. I hope that I do not become like these nurses after I have been out in the real world for a few years. I mean, I understand that everything is not 'by the book' but...sometimes I wonder why these people are even nurses?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Well, it has been so long it took me forever to remember my password!
A little update on our lives at the moment:
Adam has been interviewing like crazy! He has already had like, 7 interviews..and he has still more to go! We are pretty excited about all of the possibilities, though. Next week, he is going to visit some different accounting firms in tulsa and little rock, and they are even putting him up in embassy suites. wooo!
I have been studying (what's new?) and looking at a great website!) and whatnot. I need a new hobby other than studying though, because I think i do it too much. I need friends. haha. no, i just mean that I miss hanging out with girls, and I hate that nursing school has TAKEN OVER MY LIFE. But it will all be over in a few months, hopefully, and I can have a somewhat-social life. :)
I don't know if anyone reads this thing, but I would like to know how to cook/bake pumpkin.

love, Meredith Argo