Thursday, January 15, 2009

twist off and shine on!

playing records, drinking ol' lady grey tea. it's very cold outside. i am so thankful for my warm house.
i taught our dog tippie to "sit" this week. now that she has figured out that we like it when she sits on command, she has started doing it all the time now. i don't even tell her. it's creates a little bit of laughter in my day. :) she is a weird one, i tell you.
now, you would think i would have more to say since i haven't written on this thing in months. but nope, that's all i got.
oh yeah- adam has been out of town this week, and will be next week also. you know what that means...partay! hah, just kidding.
but seriously, come on over and keep me company.
i will even make you some tea and let you listen to our records.

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